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British wordsmith with expertise in multi-platform digital media environments. A graduate in International Relations & Chinese language, I have professional experience in writing, editing, proofreading, translating and social media management. Topics I enjoy covering include music, sport, culture, travel and lifestyle.

Our Comprehensive List Of Virtual Tours And Events

Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t still explore some of the most famous museums in the world, attend classes and events, or listen to live music. Here is our comprehensive list of online tours and activities taking place globally right now that will allow you to stroll through places you may never have been before and connect with people from around the world, all from the safety and comfort of your own home.

The Full-On, Exhaustive, Complete Guide to Moganshan

Rolling hills, clean air, and total tranquillity only three hours away from Shanghai. But you probably already knew that. Moganshan is not as secret as it was in 2003 when Mark Kitto became the first foreigner (supposedly) to rent property there in over 50 years, but the amplified scrutiny it has come under in the past decade or so has not removed the defining qualities that make it such a great city getaway.

Zhang Weili’s Palpable Influence On The UFC In China

Dana White must have had dollar signs for pupils after watching the stunning events of UFC 248 unfold. Heavy investment in China by the UFC over recent years can only be deemed successful if they could find a pinup athlete that could carry the sport to new heights and tap into the online masses, similarly to what McGregor and Bisping have done for the UK and Ireland, and Georges St-Pierre did for Canada. Well, it looks like they have found their fighter.